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The complete package of powerful hardware and software for professional demands.

More than 15 years of experience go into the development and design of the professional ScanXpert 3D Scanner.

With the completely redesigned user interface, these scanners offer a very efficient digitization process.

ScanXpert Pro 2C/4C

The new professional ScanXpert scanner for every application, delivers high-quality scans under every condition.

The Pro 2C / 4C have fully pre-configured scan fields, making the systems as stable and best tailored to the specific needs of each user.

More information will follow shortly.

ScanXpert FX

The new reconfigurable scanner for all applications.

The FX can be completely reconfigured according to specific user needs to digitize objects of different sizes and shapes. This version allows both a reduction and an extension of the detection area and thus offers a wider range of possibilities.

ScanXpert HR

Compact Desktop Scanner:
Minimum Space, Maximum Results

Thanks to a predefined and stable scanning field, HR is the solution for anyone who scans objects that are rather uniform over time in terms of type, size, and characteristics, as it occurs in the dental sector.

ScanXpert Scanning Suite

Software package included

With ScanXpert you have everything you need to start working immediately. The supplied software makes it possible to optimize your scans in many details. The ScanXpert scanning suite has a variety of post-processing tools that can make your scans look better than the original. Furthermore, you can cut out scan areas and post-process them perfectly using various filling and anti-aliasing functions.

Die ScanXpert scanning suite ermöglicht den Export als stl, obj oder ply Datei. Außerdem können Sie bestehende STL Dateien importieren, um diese mit leistungsfähigen Werkzeugen der ScanXpert scanning suite nachzubearbeiten.

scanning process

With ScanXpert you can create a digital and detailed 360 degree view of physical objects in a short time

The ScanXpert Scanning Suite supports you with automated functions to combine scans from different perspectives into a complete 3D view.

Perfect post-processing
of your scan data

You can cut out areas of the surface and fill them in again, e.g. to remove scratches or surface details.

The ScanXpert Scanning Suite offers you powerful tools to optimize your scans.

Decimate, smooth, fill holes, place the object in a reference space, scale, mirror, repair incomplete areas and many other functions are available to you.

Export as
waterproof mesh

The result of your scan is a waterproof grid (mesh) that you can export as an STL or OBJ file, among other things.

You can use these file formats directly for 3D printing or import them into your CAD application.

The ScanXpert scanning suite detects and cleans up topology errors and has functions to smooth and decimate the mesh.

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